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So you’ll never forget an important detail ever again. Capturing important contact information and anecdotes is as easy as having a conversation with yourself. With Daily Intelligence Briefings you’ll automatically be reminded of those details which will make building relationships as easy as reviewing your day’s meetings with your first cup of coffee.
No pages and pages of how-to’s to get up and running. Just download the app and log into LinkedIn to sync your contacts. Click on the Grapevine AI logo and start capturing intel on your contacts: who you just met, what drink they prefer, that they love the Yankees. You name it, we’ll capture it, tag it and let you search for it later.
You Tap the mic button once to start and once to stop. If you forget to hit the stop button, we will automatically stop after 10 seconds (feature coming later)
Unfortunately, no. Grapevine AI runs completely independent from your contact list as everything is stored on the cloud for you. We’ve found that contact lists are typically messy and unorganized, so we decided to create an entirely new list for you, with curated, smart, and important information.
When you add someone to your Grapevine AI Contact list, you will not be automatically connected to them on LinkedIn. If this is something you wish, let us know here! However, when you connect with someone on LinkedIn, the app will automatically pull that person into your Grapevine AI contact list.
As of now, no. But we have plans to integrate into most enterprise CRM’s very soon. The integration will be robust and will allow seamless data synchronization between your CRM and your Grapevine AI platform.
Absolutely! Search everything from “who has a dog named Nike” to “who drinks Glenlivet Scotch,” we’ll find them in seconds!
No, there are no on-boarding services to purchase at this time.
To take advantage of our Annual Pricing you will need to commit to a year’s subscription, but we can bill you monthly.

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