Tap and go voice activation

Our 100% Voice-driven access lets you manage data with spoken natural language commands. It’s as easy as talking to yourself—and bound to become one of your best friends!

Remember every detail

Recalling critical and seemingly not-so-critical details is as easy as asking a question: who did I meet that loved the Yankees, liked Michter’s Bourbon, and wears bowties? Every detail always at your fingertips.

Take notes on the fly

Capture intel and notes while you’re on calls, in airports, wherever; look up contacts—even searching on partial information. Keep it personal with minimum effort.

Receive follow-up reminders

Easily schedule follow-up reminders for calls, emails and so much more. You’ll never let anything or any detail fall through the cracks again.

Find everything in one place

Say goodbye to sticky notes, spreadsheets, whatever old school method you use! Stay organized with Grapevine AI—you’ll wonder how you lived without us.

Intuitive design

See why people rave about how easy and fast Grapevine AI is to use. No training or assistance needed—no pages of instructions, just download and go.

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