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Here to help build authentic relationships.

Save time on data-entry drudgery and drive deals to closure with our smart, relationships insight platform

Our Story

We built Grapevine AI because we’ve all experienced the same story: you’re at a wedding, a networking event, or a friend’s house and you met Jane. Jane is someone you needed to connect with. She’d make a great prospect, or can connect you with someone you need to know, or you just think she’s awesome. You remembered talking about Stags Leap wine and that her son plays soccer, but you forgot her name. You can’t contact the bride, the event coordinator, or the friend who hosted the gathering with this limited information about Jane. (Was that even her name, now you can’t be sure!) There’s no way to effortlessly remember and recall the details about the relationships that could impact and even drive your business. Until now.

Grapevine AI is the first-ever voice-driven, real-language relationships insights platform. You can ask any question: Who’s son plays soccer? Who drinks Stags Leap? Who loves the Dodgers (do people really love the Dodgers)? Anything. Your personal handler will find that person!

Because we are the first AI that actually improves your relationships—by making your CRM work smarter.

Finally, truly know the people in your network. Just talk to us about your contacts and we’ll capture and recall everything for you. Let us be your memory so you can close more deals.

  • 100% voice-activated. It’s as easy as having a conversation with yourself.
  • Remembering details has never been easier. Recall information just by asking a question!
  • Real-time reminders, from your own “personal handler” from Daily Intelligence Briefings.
  • Seamlessly integrates with and updates all the leading CRMs. As easy as talking to a friend.

We believe you should
Work smart not hard

Our Leadership

Headshot of Andrew Reiner

Andrew Reiner

Andrew’s infatuation with entrepreneurship started when he was just 15—building a company that he grew to over 250 clients and selling it before even enrolling in college. After graduating from Babson College he worked at Lehman Brothers & Barclays Capital in capital markets; then was a quant jock at Zweig-Dimenna Hedge fund ($4.5b in AUM). 

Andrew is currently active mentor and advisor for a handful of startups and runs a 750,000+ person community revolving around the startup ecosystem. He and his wife have two adorable boys, ages 3 and 1, was born and raised in Manhattan and is a huge New York Mets fan. 

Headshot of Nathaniel Cohen

Nathaniel Cohen

Engineer in communication systems (BSc & MSc) from EPFL (Switzerland) and Technion (Israel) Led new tech development of NDS (acquired by Cisco for $5B). Led TV broadcaster customers from Northern Europe region at Cisco. Nate holds an MBA from MIT Sloan. He also created Hartena – data analytics startup for healthcare Approached by PwC to integrate Hartena’s processes/technologies into their automated audit systems.

In Nate’s spare time he can be found skiing the Swiss Alps and learning to fly an airplane!